Sunday, 2 February 2014

Picture This #236 ~ Trees And Anything They Produce

Hi, here I am in my winter home of Florida. The internet here is "Iffy wiffy" so sometimes it works and sometimes not. Trees are great for a theme, Danette. It gives me a chance to show off some of the shots from my new, barely mastered, camera.

Ice tree
An oak tree covered with ice.

A palm tree, covered with sunshine. I'd give anything to know what that yellow stuff is, but I don't.

A palm jungle on Manasota Key.

Anders, many congrats on your banner shot!!


  1. Lovely snowcovered branches.

    Looks like its having a "good hair day".

    Amazing jumble of shapes and shadows.

  2. beats snow anytime right
    love them all

  3. Very beautiful shots, Benni! I think that yellow stuff is nothing else but 'plumes' of yellow flowers. That's how we call it here, in Portugal.

  4. Hi Benni !! I was hoping your connection would be ok enough to post an entry for PT. Glad to see it was!! Three fabulous shots. My fave is the first shot, the ice-covered Oak is just beautiful against the blue of the sky. Also a great shot of the palm tree flowering!! Wouldn't want to push my way through that palm 'jungle', the fronds can be pretty sharp.

  5. Three lovely shots. The ice tree is a great contrast to the blue sky. A strange growth on the second tree and a palm jungle is not an every day sight in my lattitude.

  6. Thank you to all. I had to wait until late at night, but it worked to post.

    Belita, I think you are right about the yellow plumes from the palm tree being flowers. Mitch, I have, from curiosity, pushed my way through the jungle and you are right, the edges of the palms are serrated and sharp.

    My thanks to everyone for your comments.

  7. The ice covered oak is beautiful (although I hope it didn't stay cover in ice too long)...great contrast with the blue sky. They palms are very pretty. There are so many varieties of palms, I think everyone has guessed correctly on the yellow flowering one.

    (I have a brother who lives in The Villages FL in the winter and MI in the summer (maybe you have seen him on your travels LOL!)

  8. Three beautiful captures Benni the second is my fav ;)

  9. I love your oak tree, majestic and frozen, waiting for summer.

    The "yellow stuff" on your palm is its flower. Most palm trees flower, we have a few in our garden. So now, you know, what are you going to give me? Anything??

    Love your jungle too. Enjoy your holiday, catch up with you later over on FB. *hugs*

  10. Hi Benni. I like how your contrasted the trees by different climates. The ice covered tree is excellent. The second photo is a welcomed site because we had another winter storm today. Interesting shot of the palm jungle.