Saturday, 1 February 2014

Picture This #236 ~ Trees And Anything They Produce

Thanks for hosting Danette - so here I go with my three trees

Here is my apple tree in the garden. I have had it now for about 15 years. It was just a small sapling when I planted it.

Apple Tree

This is a Magnolia tree in our village

This is my Japanese Maple Tree in the garden
Japanese Maple Tree


  1. Lovely light on the apples.

    Exquisit shot of the magnolia tree and the pinnk leaves of the maple tree.

  2. Hi Pat!! Three Stunning shots for Danette's theme!! Looks like the fifteen years of nurturing the apple-tree is paying dividends!! The apples look large and delicious!! The magnolia is tree is magnificent in full bloom!! The Japanese Maple is such a beautiful colour.

  3. Hi Pat! What a terrific apple tree. The line of red apples in the photograph is great. The magnolia is awesome, it speaks of spring on the way. And, for a different season, the exquisite Japanese maple. Yours is nicely pictured with greens in the rest of the shot.

  4. oh wow Pat wow all are super
    I love the Magnolia
    your Japanese maple is wonderful mine died sigh

  5. Love the colour of the apples... beautiful magnolia tree in full blossom... nice colour contrast of the Japanese Maple tree against the green bushes...

  6. The apples are fine looking specimens and I can imagine creating many things with them!
    The magnolia quite beautiful as is the maple. All three have been well taken care that is for sure!

  7. Three wonderful captures Pat the second is my favorite ;)

  8. Hi Pat, very beautiful shots of trees. Nice composition of the apples on the tree. They do look delicious. The magnolia tree is lovely. The Japanese Maple Tree is stunning.