Saturday, 8 February 2014


Hi all, I hope you're having a good weekend, its been terrible here in Britain. The whole country battered by ferocious storms, much of the country is flooded, so its wonderful to look forward to a time of warmth and flowers.

Here are my images for this week.

Lillium Mapira.

Turks Cap Lily and Lavender

Perpetual Sweetpeas

.......and new for the season: Snowdrops, the harbinger of Spring


  1. hi baz glad you like my theme
    love your flowers especially the sweetpeas love them

  2. Love the "copperbeach" hue of Lily.

    Beautiful yellow/red petals against the pastel green of the background

    Exquisite pink of the sweet peas and virginal white of the snowdrops

  3. You have some really pretty flowers over there..

  4. Unusual dark colour for a lily, lovely shot.The mixture of the lily and lavender is very good and love the sweet peas. I noticed that our snowldrops are ready to flower in the garden today.

  5. Great composition and colors! Lily and snowdrops my favorites!

  6. Fabulous little snowdrops, they are near to my heart! Occasionally here one would pop up in late January and I would be on my tummy in the snow to get a picture. I also love your top lily; it is so red it is almost black.

  7. Very beautiful flower in the top... its colour is dark purple at my eyes.... very unique! Feel the fresh fragrance of the lavender,, while the snow drops together with the sweet peas would make a very delicate bouquet...

  8. Hi Baz !! Fabulous shots for Heidi's theme!! The Turk's Cap and Sweet Peas are lovely, and I love the snowdrops, but my fave is the first shot. The colour and the water droplets are just stunning!!

  9. Hi Baz. I think that the sweet peas seem so delicate. Just lovely. I never saw lilies with dark color. What makes it for me are the droplets of water on the flower and the background. Indeed we need a harbinger of spring with the snowdrops. Right now we have many snow drops on the ground.

  10. Sooooo beautiful! I love the snowdrops! can't wait to see them here!