Saturday, 8 February 2014

Picture This #237 ~ Flowers

#237 Flowers

Without a flower in sight, I had to dive into the files for this one. That is almost as fun as shooting the photos themselves.
Reliving the moments and seeing them all over again. 
Well then on with some flowers.





  1. Hi Randall.Lavender up top, isn't it? Beautifully shot and I can almost smell it. The sunflowers are wonderful with the diagonal aspect in the field. I can't place the brilliant purple flower but it is very nice. Lovely rambling roses with another red flower I can't identify in the background. My favorite is the sunflower photo, it's stunning to me.

  2. That is an Artichoke flower, the purple one anyway. The little red flowers I too am not sure what they are. The little pink roses really grow well in the flower bed.

  3. Lovely lavendar, beautiful sunflowers, intricate and wonderful blue stems and lovely pink roses.

  4. I want to make potpourri and feed the birds (sunflowers) now! I can almost smell the roses and lavender!
    I like the pattern the rows of sunflowers are making too. What is the third shot?

  5. wow how wonderful Randall love the lavender but then I love all them thanks

  6. Hi Randall !! A super collection of flowers you've posted for this theme. Great shot of the lavender bunches in the first photo. The regimented rows of sunflowers are beautiful, but my fave has to be the artichoke flower!! Nice shot of the roses, too.

  7. Wonderful flower show!!!! Love them all but the fresh fragrance of the lavender makes it be my favourite...

  8. All very beautiful. A real display

  9. Lovely shots, Randall! I would love to see (and photograph) a field of sunflowers! My favorite is the artichoke. So pretty!