Monday, 24 February 2014


Ok sticking to the birds and well kind of like the bees. Here is winter, spring, summer and fall. Looking through my little peep hole.

First winter

Then what we are now waiting on, SPRING.

Now onto summer. A little smaller of a beast so to speak.

Then back to that time when the watchers come back and keep the fires burning, even when there really is no heat. Just waiting till the next turn of the seasons.

And that is my four takes on the seasons. Now off to see yours.


  1. Loved them all, The Winter bird shows a lovely contrast with the frosty background, and the capture of mummy with her offspring is wonderful. I am still not sure what No. 3 is, but we do not have them here. I have also never seen an owl in my area, but hear them sometimes on dark nights, also a great photo.

  2. Beautiful plumage.

    Awfully cute

    "Here's looking at you."

    Wow - amazing shot.

  3. Hi Randall!! Another superb collection of shots for this week's theme!! Love that first shot!! Is the bird a variety of quail or partridge? Great colours and great setting among the frozen branches. Nice shot of mom and chicks in the second shot. She seems to have quite a large brood!! Awesome macro of the wasp staring at you from behind the branch. Cool shot of Mr Owl. I like how you've put the eye colour back into the shot :-))

  4. Only one word "WOW" I am amazed at your bird shots ( and a tiny bit , no I lie, a big huge chunk, jealous) *smile*

  5. How beautiful your four seasons are, Randall! Nice bird in the first photo... I think those berries are not edible, are they? Lovely scene in the second.... how cute that baby bird peeping through the mother's feathers! I don't like bugs very much but you captured that one in a very fine detail that it makes him look beautiful... Very smart owl... I like it!

  6. Randall, your pictures are just stunning, starting with that brave little robin getting a worm for her babies. I love all your birds, maybe especially that owl, but also the mom partridge and her chicks. I had fun counting the chicks; she has them well hidden. As for bees, I just recently stepped on one, it stung me, so I am happy to see one as a picture, but not in real life.

  7. Pat the 3rd is of a wasp. They really were getting something out of the blooms from the beans we were growing in the garden. That is a California Quail. They are pretty plentiful around here in the basin.The hatchlings are fun when you can actually see them. I have walked up on a mother and her chicks, and the chicks would disappear right before your eyes. Blending in with the grass and leaves on the ground. Pretty amazing birds. The berries are not edible. The birds feed on them over the winter months after they have dried on the tree.

  8. So wonderful to include birds and insects in this theme. I love the quail. Great detail on the insect too. That owl perched on the tree is gazing for the next meal.

  9. Four stunning captures Randall beautiful work well done ;)

  10. WOW four stunning photos Randall