Saturday, 15 February 2014

Picture This #238 ~ BIG!!

Now for Theme #238, we want some really big ones. Starting out with what has to be big.

The worm......

Now to a real big long rail bridge across the snake River.

Here is a cluster of wind mills above Vantage Wa.


  1. Hi Randall. What an astonishing capture up top. That is a picture and a half (as we say). The rail bridge is fascinating as are the windmills, a group of interesting angles and colors.

  2. Three fabulous and interesting captures! I wonder how long the robin has taken to eat that worm...

  3. The worm is truly longer than the bird.

    Cool construction.

    The windmills of your mind.

  4. oh my, I love love love the little Robin with the BIG worm .......... a fantastic capture.

  5. Hi Randall!! Three fantastic shots from you, I'd expect nothing less!! LOL. Love that first shot, the Robin really had a BIG fight to get that worm outta the ground!! great shot of the rail-bridge. The third shot, of the wind-turbines, is interesting in that it could just as easily have been taken here in Wales. There a LOTS of them on the higher grounds in mid-Wales, a very common sight.

  6. Fabulous captures there Randall very nice work ;)

  7. That worm shot is just perfect, love it. Interesting bridge and a good angle on the windmills.

  8. Hi Randall, the first shot of the bird tugging at the worm is excellent. I like the composition of the bridge over Snake River. Nice shot of the wind turbines.