Friday, 14 February 2014

Picture This #237 ~ Flowers

Thank you Heidi for a very colourful theme, 
it seems as if all has embraced it with great enthusiasm.

Fantastic Banner from Belita, smack in the eye with the tree and 
off centre with lovely blue sky and wispy clouds. I love it . 

So what is growing in a garden in Johannesburg this summer?

The man is growing zinnias
Flowers 1

My white bougainvillea is flowering casting shade on my vegetable patch
Flowers 4

I have no idea what these are called, but they were growing wild in the forest, so we dug some up and tried at home, they only flower once a year
Flowers 2

The red Bougainvillea is flowering hanging over the wall next door, I covet that bush, wish it was mine
Flowers 3

There are flowers everywhere, on trees and bushes and borders, no wonder they call Johannesburg an Urban Forest:- 
There are six million trees in Johannesburg. On satellite pictures, the city looks like a rain forest, albeit man-made. There are 1.2 million trees within the parks and on the pavements and 4.8 millions in private gardens throughout the suburbs. 


  1. Thanks, Marianne, for your words regarding the banner!
    Very beautiful shots for this week's theme. Nice colour of those dahlias and the white of the bougainvillea
    seems to have been bleached.... exquisite flower in the third shot and again another beautiful bougainvillea in the last.

  2. The zinnias are so pretty all wet with rain.

    I love the bougainvillea. Gorgeous the little points of light sparkling in the background. So special!

    Marianne, you are a girl after my own heart.
    The little low growing flower with the rabbit ear leaves is very lovely. I liked to dig up stuff from the woods to transplant at home, too. I found an Old Man's Beard tree (Chionanthus virginicus) and transplanted it in front of our house (GA) in my fern bed and it was growing very well there in partial shade. It smells so lovely when it blooms. I looked through a wildflower guide for South Africa but I couldn't find your flower. It drives me crazy when I can't identify a plant! lol...I will keep searching!

    I love the weird angled wall shot...beautiful colors, and so bright. The pink looks very pretty against the brown bricks.

    1. I know one should not, but we cannot resist, now can we, Debby?

      Thank you my friend. *smile* now where is all those lovely buttons that makes hearts and smiles, not working here?

  3. You have a wonderful selection of flowers in South africa - good shots all of them.

  4. Hi Marianne!! Just made it in under the wire again :-)) A wonderful selection of flowers. Both colours of Bourgainvillea are beautiful, and I love Zinnia, but my fave is that weird-looking plant you dug up out of the forest. The flower on it is interesting.....looks a bit like a a Bottlebrush would look if it was round instead of long and thin.

  5. Hi Marianne. Magnificent capture of the white bougainvillea. Fantastic. They are all great.

  6. Thank you all for your lovely comments, sorry I am always in such a rush. Chasing my own tail it seems at times and on a weekend, no time to spend sitting in front of this 'puter, got stuff to do. *winks*