Saturday, 22 February 2014

Picture This #239 ~ Four Seasons

Thanks for hosting Anders.

I ventured into the garden this week to take a few Spring photos. This is nothing spectacular, but shows how the crocus venture to poke their heads through towards the end of February.
Crocus in the grass
Now for Summer - Climbing roses in my garden
Climbing roses
Autumn when the leaves change colours. The main road leading to our village.
Road to Feldbrunnen
Winter view of the Jura mountains from the parking at the supermarket.
Jura from Migros Langendorf


  1. My garden is still a bit behind yours. The grass and plants are still very much on hold. I will know when the sap starts to drip from the trees when things will be getting ready to pop. Look forward to it too. Love the roses and the Fall colors along the road way. THe frosted hill side looks cold. But beautiful.

  2. Hi Pat !! Lovely collection of seasonal shots!! Love to see the crocuses starting to pop their heads above ground in the first shot. Beautiful roses in the second shot. Great autumn light in the trees of the third shot, particularly the ones on the right-hand side of the road. The snow-covered trees of the Jura really stand out against the blue sky.

  3. You're welcome, Pat :)

    Sweet little flowers in the lawn.

    Exquisite pink roses.

    Beautiful fall colours

    Impressive snow-covered mountain-range

  4. I didn't know those were called crocus in English. This year, I haven't seen them, yet. Winter has been much longer than the usual in Lisbon. Nice colour of the roses. Perfect choice of shots for Autumn and Winter...

  5. wow, you have crocus already? Wonderful shots, Pat. I love crocus, cannot grow them here, the bulbs need frost to germinate. Wonder if I put them in the freezer and then shocked them by putting them out, not sure if we can even get such bulbs *sniff* that and snow drops and eranthis, I miss so much.

    All 4 wonderful shots of changing seasons. Love it.

  6. Four beautiful captures as always Pat perfect for the theme ;)

  7. Gorgeous pictures, Pat, all, I especially like the roses, lovely shades of pink contrasted with the deep green. I would love to have that view of the mountains when I go to do my shopping. Pretty crocus and tree lined road. All lovely.

  8. Hi Pat, it's good to see the crocuses. I spotted some today close to a building. There wasn't any snow covering the ground. I can only imagine the grandeur of the Alps. Nice shot of the Jura Mountains. Your garden roses are lovely. Nice road scene in the Autumn.