Saturday, 22 February 2014

Picture This #239 ~ Four Seasons

Great banner, Randall. "Life is a drag for worms."

Hi all PTers! This is Anders and I'm your host this week. My theme is The Four Seasons. We're in the beginning of Spring and even though it's a bit tepid - the temps are rising and the snow is gone, a fact that I'm glad of!! Hope you'll enjoy this challenge. Looking forward to your entries.

I took this shot one Spring day on a trip around my village.

In the background you see Vrams Gunnarstorp, a castle that lies in the mid north of Scania. The castle garden was blooming this Summer day on our visit.

Taken at a visit to the Sofiero Castle Garden. The Fall pallor lies heavily on the surroundings.

This shot was taken one snowy winter-evening.


  1. Hi Anders!! Thanks for hosting this week. Better late than never!! LOL. Great theme you've chosen, this should bring out some very good photos from all the members. Your Spring and Summer shots are lovely and colourful. I'm looking forward to seeing these colours again soon. The Fall shot looks rather drab......that season does lower the spirits somewhat when we realise winter is approaching. The Winter shot, however, shows us that winter, while cold, can also look beautiful.

    1. You're welcome, Mitch. Indeed! "late morning, so to speak." Thanks, my friend. for your wonderful comments.

  2. Hi, I love that bird pulling on the worm at such close range on top of your page. Really good.

  3. The Swedish seasons are beautiful with so many contrasts.

  4. This will be a fun one Anders. Nothing like look over the collection to find fits, then with the seasons soon to change again, it gives us new ideas on what we want to capture going forward. Love the colors in the first shot, and how the cottage fits in with the second. Number 3 reminds me of my favorite time of year. When things get cooled down and the land starts to go into sleep mode. The last well like the last words, now it is time to wake her up. Thanks for the Theme.

  5. I simply adore that little Robin of Randall's, sheer determination, millimetre by millimetre, this little bird will pull the worm out as the worm stretches trying to hold on. They never break the worm, just carefully pull it all out and the worm then rolls itself up, trying to looks as small and insignificant as it can, before being hapsed, in one gulp. I sit for hours just watching the birds in the garden.

    great theme, Anders a difficult one for me, as the seasons are not so pronounced in the changes here, I will have a look and come back now now with something, surely not as magnificent as your lovely captures that so clearly depict the seasons differences in the North.

  6. Hi Anders! Four good photos that leave no doubts in which season they were taken. Love the first two... very pretty colour in the first and nice colour combination in the second. Beautiful castle in the background....

  7. Congrats to Randall on a fantastic header and Thanks also to Anders on a Fantastic starter to the theme lovely captures Anders ;)
    I have had visitors this weekend so will post on this today ;)

  8. Hi Anders, great theme, alas a slow internet here, so I will post when I can. Your "summer" picture is my favorite, such lushness. But they are all emblematic of the seasons they represent.

  9. Great choices for the theme. Your shots depict all that is in each season. I love the shot of the castle with the garden in the foreground. The Fall image does reflect drabness. There is a beauty in a wintry evening.