Friday, 21 February 2014

Picture This #238 ~ BIG!!

I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date ...........always running ............  

Such a lovely banner shot, Baz, great theme Mitch
had me thinking all week and then panicked
when realised is now Friday already.

BIG 5 is what comes to my mind, we don't have big buildings or big statues or big trees or big rocks or 
maybe we do but I don't have a picture handy. 
So bear with me please as per usual *winks* while I hasty throw you some BIG.
The big 5 was originally named that by hunters, not by size 
but by difficulty to hunt on foot, the term has been adapted by Tourism in Africa.

Big 5 is African Elephant, Cape Buffalo, Rhino (white or black), Lion and Leopard.
I only hunt with my camera these days ....... is my BIG:-
BIG 5 - Elephant

BIG 5 - Buffalo

BIG 5 - Rhino

BIG 5 - Lion

I do not have a photograph of a Leopard, though I  have often seen them, this photo was the elusive invisible Leopard of Kruger Park, we spend an hour watching him move, stretch, eat in the days of our first 5x zoom digital camera. Only when home did we discover on the PC screen , just flecked bark. At least we can laugh at ourselves. *smile*

Big- The famous Leopard Tree

Have a wonderful weekend and keep on "Picture This"

Lots of Love



  1. oh boy, did I have technical problems with this one, please excuse white lines etc, no idea, was trying to put in a copy past of explanations of Big 5, screwed up the background totally, one and a half hours later, I am starting to hate Blogger .............. *growls* ................ dinner is now late, see you tomorrow.

  2. Majestic shots of magnificent animals

  3. Hi Marianne!! Better late than never!! Magnificent shots of these wonderful creatures!! My favourite, of course, is the majestic lion. Although, the 'leopard' bark comes a close last!!! LMAO!!!

    1. We were convinced and so excited as we now had seen all Big 5 plus everything else in the short 2 days we were in the park. The stories we had to tell, until stepson dear, puts them on computer screen for us. LOL

  4. Wow, Marianne, big animals (and a big tree). I especially like the rhino - a majestic creature. Great shots.