Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Picture This #236 ~ Trees And Anything They Produce

Trees and what they produce.....

Hmm had to dive into the archives for this one. Most of my trees are still waiting on spring. So off to the red woods.

These are not the really big ones, but they do produce a lot of shade. He he

And firewood on the beach, or art in our eyes. Trees do a lot.



  1. Love the mysterious and magical feel to the forest shots. Cool. Beautiful pattern on the tree bark

  2. Thanks Anders, I did go over by one, as I added the last shot.

  3. The last shot looks like a fish with it's mouth open!
    The one above it it verrrrrrrry artistic! The other two are just stunning!
    You are very talented with a camera that's for sure!

  4. Hi Randall!! Your shots for this theme are just fabulous!! I love forests generally, and your first two shots are just awesome examples. They both remind me of the 'Lord Of The Rings' movies for some reason. The third shot is a real eye-teaser, I looked several times before I realised what I was looking at. LOL. The last one is terrific, the patterns on the trunk almost look like rippling water.

  5. Absolutely terrific tree shots, Randall. As Danette says, talent with a camera, but we know that :-)

  6. Great tree shots. I like the detail in the last photo. I also liked the tree on the beach.

  7. Hi Randall. Wonderful angle on the redwoods; I especially like the first one which has an air of mystery. The beach and firewood scene is intriguing and I like how it goes off into the reeds. The bottom picture is lovely with its texture and swirls.