Saturday, 1 February 2014

PT CCXXXVI ~ Trees And Anything They Produce.

Thanks for using my lamp-photo as the banner for this week.

 Thanks Danette for a wonderful theme. 

A tree in a park.


A worn out old stump.

A line of trees in the Sofiero Castle Garden.


  1. Very much like your trees.The tree in the park has been there for many years probably. Like the middle one, very intriguing and the lines of trees.

  2. and congrats for the banner picture - a very good one.

  3. Hi Anders!! Congrats on being this week's banner. I just really like the soft glow of that wall-lamp :-))

    Three good shots for this week's theme. I like the seating around the base of the tree in the first shot. A nice place to sit awhile in the summer. The worn-out stump in the second shot looks like it has seen better days. I know how it feels!!! LOL. Nice line of trees in the last shot.

  4. Thanks Pat and Mitch :) Much obliged.

  5. A great place to sit and relax.
    The old stump has character, bet his roots go deep!
    Very pretty trees in the last shot, I like their shape (great for shade I am guessing)
    Congrats again on the banner!

  6. Anders, congratulations on your superb "Light" shot being chosen for the banner. It is a great shot.

    I love your tree shots. Each seems to have an emotional or mood component. Your park tree is light and airy, a great place for lovers. The worn out stump is broody and mysterious, and a great capture. The line of trees seem curious and watchful. I like the perspective. Very nice job.

  7. Thanks all for your wonderful and appreciative comments. Im much obliged.

  8. Three good shots, Anders! The second has a very interesting shape...

  9. Three lovely takes on the theme Anders

  10. Three good shots, Anders. The bench around the base of the tree seems like a nice place to rest. The second image is interesting. Good choices for this theme.