Sunday, 2 February 2014

Picture This #236 ~ Trees And Anything They Produce

Hi all another great theme this week, here are my contributions ;) Have a great week;)

Trees in the mist

After the storm!!

Home comfort!!



  1. Lovely magical shot.

    "When Im smiling, when Im smiling..."

    Cool sofa.

  2. Hi Baz!! Glad you're over your illness and able to take part. A wonderful trio of shots for Danette's theme. The 'trees in the mist' is my fave, it's so atmospheric. Your second shot shows just how powerful the storms have been. I love that bench in the last shot, never seen one carved like a sofa before :-))

  3. The mist gives the trees an air of mystery. Interesting tree branch and a very original shot of the seat

  4. Hi, Baz. I really like your misty trees, it is a mysterious shot, wonderfully framed. Amazing what the interior of tree limbs look like. And what a great bench, with ferns and heather all around and the three trucks in the background. I wonder if they have treated the wood and how long it will last. I would hope a long time, it is so beautiful.

  5. I think the mist makes a beautiful picture even more special...mystical even hahaha Mitch is rubbing off on me I think ;) I like the big smiling tree but I am sorry he is broken :( I would love to sit on that bench as long as I didn't get any splinters you know where!

  6. wonderful captures all , I really covert that bench though ;-)

  7. Baz, I love the capture of the trees in the mist. Incredible damage done by the storm in the second photo. I like your interpretation of what trees produce. Nice shot of the bench.