Saturday, 1 August 2015


I feel honoured seeing one of my photos selected for this week's badge. 
Thanks, Benni, for the the choice of a good theme. I like it!STONE/ROCK

Lisbon city - riverside

Doing washing on stones (Lisbon outskirts)

Old Dominican Monastery (Tallinn-Estonia)


  1. Hi Belita love all your lovely 'Rocks'

  2. Hi Belita!!! Wonderful photos for this week's theme!! I love the colours in the ripples in the water surrounding the rocks in your first shot. Lovely peaceful scene in the second photo. Looks like those girls are learning traditional washing methods early!! The one on the left seems to be enjoying it, but the one on the right doesn't look so sure. Wonderful old monastery in the last shot.

  3. Hi, Belita, wonderful variety for this theme. Your first is calm and soothing, with wonderful reflections and patterns in the water. Love the couple sitting on the river rocks. The adorable little girls seem to be having a good time; it's so interesting to me that there are still places to do one's wash on rocks. Is that an exhibition or do people still use the spot to wash? And I do love the monastery in Tallinn; it piques my imagination. How nice it is still standing.

    1. Hi Benni! In that case, the little girls were showing the traditional washing. Nowadays, I think I can say that every household has a washing machine. However, in rural areas you can see clothes washing basins (sorry, not sure these are the proper words). Countryside women think that by having some clothes or home textiles washed by hand the result is better than by using a washing machine.

  4. Very zen

    Wonderful shot

    Cute washers


  5. Lovely reflections with your stones in the first shot! The water looks like liquid silver!

    Nice shot of the two gents down by the water.

    I love the shot of the little girls. Was this is workshop to teach them what life was like way back when? I like how they are both looking off in opposite directions as if they were both thinking of something they would rather be countless women must have thought throughout the ages!

    The old monastery is beautiful! Did you see the inside?

  6. Thanks, Deb, for your kind comment. I didn't visit the monastery. The opening hours didn't suit my own schedule.