Saturday, 1 August 2015

Picture This #314 ~ Rock

Many thanks to Benni for hosting at rather short notice this week. Another great theme, with LOTS of possibilities!! I have so many favourite shots that fit this theme, was difficult deciding which ones to use!!

Here are mine:

1) Standing rock formation I nicknamed 'E.T.', Valley Of Fire, Nevada.
Red Rocks 1

2) The Great Meteor Crater, Arizona. Where a huge piece of space-rock slammed into Earth.
Meteor Crater 1

3) Sunset Point, Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah. I make no apology for using shots of this place so often. It's the most beautiful place I've visited.
Bryce - Sunset Point 2

4) A shot closer to home. The rocks of the Pembrokeshire coastline, being pounded by the ocean, just a few miles from where I live.
Power Of The Ocean 1


  1. Hi Mitch glad you were able to put one up--
    love your 'rocks'
    especially the one of your coast love it

  2. I love your majestic rocks in the Bryce Canon Series, they are very impressive. The crater is interesting, I wondered what made that impression. Sunset point is also quite breathtaking and see, if the Pembrokeshire coast has something to offer.

  3. Hi Mitch, wonderful pictures of the Southwest. Make no apologies for using Bryce Canyon so often; it's a marvelous picture of a marvelous place. And, in contrast, the photo of Pembrokeshire is majestic. It looks like there might be little caves in the rock, maybe caused by the constant pounding of the ocean.

  4. Hi Mitch! Good to see this awesome set of imposing rocks... breathtaking view in the third shot from the top. .. I smiled at the 'ET', however that Sunset Point captivates me...

  5. Wow, these are all amazing, Mitch. That first one does look like E.T.

    Awestruck by the crater. Kind of scary, isn't it? Great shot!

    The canyon is beautiful! I'd love to visit there some day.

    I love the shot of the coastline! Can almost hear the waves crashing against the rocks.