Saturday, 15 August 2015

Picture This #316 ~ Your Neighbourhood

First of all thanks Mitch for putting East Ham Underground station up as a banner photo. I am sure East Ham has never been so important.

Thanks Heidi for hosting, so now I will see what the village of Feldbrunnen, Kanton Solothurn, Switzerland  has to offer

First of all a view over our estate. My garden is the last one before the little path in between and is hidden by a hedge, but you get the general impression of what it is like. We live on the ground floor, so have a garden where the others have balconies.

Gardens in Feldbrunnen

This is one of our neighbours. Actually despite the villa and the Ferrari in the garage he is a nice guy
Villa Feldbrunnen

Let's go a little further, just around the corner and into the village to the main road, cutting the village into two parts. The lower area, where I live and the top part known as St. Niklaus. Here you see the local train, known as Bipper Lisi.
Bipperlisi in Feldbrunnen

And here a view across the fields in the top half of the village towards the Jura mountains.
Crops in Feldbrunnen


  1. Hi Pat !! Really great shots for Heidi's theme. Your estate looks modern, neat and tidy, but I'd expect nothing less in Switzerland. If that were in the UK, more likely than not you would see graffitti and litter. Nice neighbour, although I'm guessing from the fences and gate that he/she doesn't like unexpected visits. Lovely shot of the local train service. Beautiful scene in the final shot of the fields and mountains.

  2. Hi Pat wow love your shots and your banner is so wonderful

  3. Peaceful scenery

    :) style and riches.

    Great shot of the train

    Majestic mountain vista

  4. ciao, congrats for the banner and wishes for your son

  5. Really nice banner shot, Pat!! Congrats! Thank you for the tour of Feldbrunnen, it seems like a wonderful place to live. My favorite is the green and yellow fields with the Jura in the background.

  6. Good to see again the nice shot of that London Underground platform... All the shots depict very clearly how Switzerland is a neat and beautiful country, your neighbourhood, particularly. The bottom shot is my favourite... it would be great for a picture card..