Saturday, 15 August 2015

Picture This #316 ~ Your Neighbourhood

Many thanks to Heidi for hosting this week. A nice theme, will be good to get a glimpse of where you all live!!

I haven't taken photos of my local area for some time, so I've had to raid my archive. Here are mine:

1) Lamphey. The village where I live.
Lamphey Village

2) Just a short walk from where I live is Lamphey Palace, which was the summer residence of the Bishops of St David.
Lamphey Palace View

3) The view across the fields from my bedroom window. The white building is a hotel.
Across The Fields 1

4) This is my favourite Chinese restaurant/take-away, in the next town, 2 miles away.
Carvery 2007


  1. A love little Welsh village - Hope it is not too quiet for you. Perhaps you wake them up with some music now and again. A lovely main road and nice palace for the bishop. Love the view across the fields and your chinese takeaway looks more like a flower shop, beautiful colours.

  2. Oh Mitch love your village and the view from your window wow
    love the flowers in the last one sooo much

  3. Wonderful streetscene

    Truly majestic castleruin

    Beautiful and serene landscape

    and wondrous plethora of colours.

  4. Hi Mitch, greetings from France where I'm spending the summer months. Nice pics of your neighbourhood, you're lucky to live near that old residence.

  5. Fabulous pictures, Mitch, am happy to see where you live. How lucky to have Lamphey Palace so close,and a grand picture of it. I love the Chinese take-out and admire the English way of putting gardens and flowers everywhere.

  6. Hi Mitch! You live in a very nice area. It seems to be very quiet and it!