Saturday, 22 August 2015

Picture This #317 ~ Faces

Thanks for hosting Mitch and congratulations to Heidi for the impressive banner photo.

I am early this morning, no ironing to do and the food already cooking, so let's get started. I will try to fit in some recent photos

Meet Harald the rooster at the local chicken farm. He has about 70 wives to organise but found the time to pose for a photo. Note the look on his face as if to say hurry up, I have better things to do with my time

Harald the rooster

I had to disturb this cow whilst it was drinking, but it did not seem to bother her. She continued.
Thirsty cow

"What does she want?" they asked as I called them for a photo. It is not often I get Tabby and Fluffy together on a photo, but I think they were a little annoyed.
Tabby and Fluffy

This is the face that frightens them away in the front garden.
New Bird in the garden


  1. Hi Pat how wonderful love them all

  2. Hi Pat!! Wonderful shots for this week's theme!! Harald seems to have a look that says "I'm sorry, I can't stop....I'm FAR too important!!" Nice shot of Brunhilda having a drink. Had to laugh at the photo of the felines. Fluffy seems to be giving you the 'look of evil'. LOL. I really do love that crazy-looking bird sculpture!!

  3. Hi Pat! From the rooster whose success among his female fellows makes him look conceited, somehow, to the black and white cats, not to mention the cow and the garden decoration, I love them all...

  4. Your cats are wonderfully expressive!! All great shots.

  5. "Im pissed!"

    "Mmmh - good stuff!"

    "Whatchoo lookin at? Im just about ask her out - so bugger off!"

    "I feel so confused."