Saturday, 1 August 2015

Picture This #314 ~ Rock

Welcome to Picture This, I am Benni, your host for this week. I know you will all join me in wishing Mitch a speedy recovery from his surgery.

Our theme last week was "Wood", an excellent theme with many possibilities. Belita's lovely wooden bowls make a wonderful banner shot.

I am following "Wood" this week with "Rock" (or Stones), which should also give you many choices for photos. Here are my three.

Agawa Pictographs

Agawa Rocks on Lake Superior. Hundreds of years ago the Ojibwa people painted figures of the creatures of the sea on these rocky cliffs which drop down to the icy lake. The yellow is lichen, the figures are painted in red ochre.

Woman looking at the sea

Lovely as a mermaid, this young woman looks over rocks to the warm Gulf of Mexico.

Old stone grill

Old stone grill, forgotten in the woods.


  1. Hi Benni thanks for doing the theme this week
    a wonderful theme love yours

  2. Hi Benni !! Many thanks for hosting this week!!! Great theme!! Really interesting first shot. I have taken photos of pictograms from all over the South-Western states, they fascinate me. Love the colour of the ocean in your second shot. What was the lady peering over the rocks at? Was that grill once part of a cabin, or was it just a stand-alone? Bet it's seen some BBQs in it;s time.

    1. The first year we moved here, we were exploring and there it was, hidden in the woods.

  3. Interesting rock formation in the first picture with the paintings. I thought the mermaind was you, very good shot. How coulld you forget such a large grill, very impressive.

  4. Wonderful and impressive rockwall

    "Are you sure there are no greatwhites out there?"

    Wonderful structure

  5. Hi Benni! Love the first shot showing paintings left behind by that people... Nice colour of the sea that is like an extension of the young woman's dress.... she doesn't look brave enough so as to walk through those rocks... Love the old stone grill my favourite...

  6. Nice theme, Benni. Thank you for hosting. I like your choices. How cool to come across the drawings by the Ojibwe!

    Lovely shot of the girl overlooking the water!

    That's a cool old grill. Looks like someone put a lot of love into that once upon a time!
    Nice shots!