Saturday, 25 July 2015

Picture This #313 ~ Wood

Many thanks to Pat for hosting this week's challenge. A great theme with lots of possibilities!! 

Here are mine:

1) Wagon-wheel, seen outside a building at the Grand Canyon.
Wagon Wheel 1

2) Liberty Bell general store, Bonnie Springs, Nevada.
Liberty Bell

3) Outhouses, Batsto Industrial Village, New Jersey.

4) Carved swan, Brownsea Island, Dorset, England.
Carved Swan


  1. Good composition with the wagon wheel, wonder how many prairies miles that has done. The Liberty Bell looks an interesting place, you can even pay in gold dust. Interesting outhouses, what are they used for? The swan carving looks great.

  2. All really great takes for the theme. Love the last one. Wish I could carve something like that when I mess with wood. Mine never turn out looking so well. The outhouses look cool. Built for a few people to use. I have had many run ins with outhouses. Really a lot of run ins! Ha ha

  3. Hi Mitch, what a variety of pictures! The wagon wheel is really interesting and a contrast to the stone building. I would *love* to visit the Liberty Bell general store, might be a tourist trap, but that's ok. Would not like to visit the outhouses, but they have a certain weathered beauty. Back over to Dorset, lovely photo of the swan, simple and evocative.

  4. Hi Mitch love those out houses I still remember them here in Germany when I was little remember the day we got our indoor toilet lol

  5. Big Wheel wont be turning ever again.

    Wonderful and quaint

    We call them The Secret House - hemlighuset.

    Amazing carving

  6. Hi Mitch! Awesome shots for this week's theme... Love that wheel... I wonder how many miles it ran assuming it had that function and was not there as a decoration... nice effect of it against the wall. Interesting souvenir store... love those outhouses... unusual design....wonderful the bottom shot.