Saturday, 18 July 2015

Picture This #312 ~ Your Favorite Recent Photos Of 2015

Absolutely brilliant banner shot by Randall. I love the theme and might be doing some repeating here as I have not been as active recently as I would like.

On a cool day, a butterfly took shelter on a daffodil. She stayed several hours until it warmed up.

I know I have shown this before, but it was one of the loveliest of days and I found such a nice spot in which to enjoy it.

Bee on knapweed.


  1. Hi Benni !! Fabulous shots for this week's theme. I love the pale butterfly on the daffodil. It's colour blends in nicely, good camoflage from predators. Really nice Florida beach-scene. I like how you took it at (almost) ground level. Lovely shot of the busy bee on the knapweed (a kind of thistle?).

  2. Lovely shots, Benni! I especially like the butterfly and daffodil shot!

  3. Hi Benni! I understand your choice for this week's theme. The three shots emit beauty, tranquility and delight... Which of the three is my favourite??? I would say the one...a good balance of fragility... the flower and the butterfly...

  4. Yep the flower and butterfly are wonderful. So soft and pretty. THe beach shot is where I wish I was today. Could use a good swim in the water to cool down. Great close up of the bee too.

  5. Beautiful daffo and incredible macro.

    Beautiful and serene beachshot

    Amazing shot.

  6. Great shot of the moment of the butterfly on the daffodil. Lovely beach scene - having no beaches in Switzerland, just lake and rive banks, I especially appreciate them. and a waving smiling bee on a plant as the grand finale.