Saturday, 25 July 2015

Picture This #313 ~ Wood

Thank you for putting my chilly butterfly as banner. Thanks, Pat, for a wonderful theme with so many possibilities.

Bugs on a fence

Bugs on an old fence railing with lichen

My doors

Wooden doors in the evening light

Old Woman Bay driftwood

A piece of driftwood on the shore of Old Woman Bay, Lake Superior, Canada. I wanted to get a picture with my husband in it to show how huge it was, but he was sleeping in the sand.


  1. Congratulations on the banner photo. Love the bugs on the wood. I am sure they were having a discussion. artistic reflection on the doors. Interesting how those pieces of driftwood find a good place on a beach.

  2. Great shot for the banner. Congrats! THe bugs really add to the contrast of the first shot. Cool take. The second one is warm to the eyes and head. and love the drift wood in the last one.

  3. Hi Benni !! Wonderful shots for Pat's theme. Love that shot of those red bugs on the fence. Cute lil critters. The warmth of the evening light makes the old wood glow. Great shot of the driftwood. Is that snoring I can hear?? LOL.

  4. "What's bugging you?"

    Beautiful sunlight on the wall

    Wondrous piece of driftwood

  5. Hi Benni! Congratulations for the beautiful banner image... Really beautiful!
    I dislike bugs but your shot makes them look beautiful... Wonderful light effect in the second shot, while the third shows how driftwood we see on the shore can have very nice shapes... a kind of artwork...