Saturday, 25 July 2015

Picture This #313 ~ Wood

 photo 2af54c7c-1e00-45e9-8d52-41b1c642d761_zpses5donrb.jpg

 photo 6ae55666-b14c-48df-9c62-d8ff5ccc3ff7_zpstmxcazuu.jpg

 photo dca8cfd3-10ad-4356-95df-56f01db189f3_zpszn6gx7ao.jpg

 photo 99d2183e-b420-4064-b99f-34a9b38f6f1a_zps0o8strqj.jpg

 photo 3c99f32d-faf8-4458-8956-bbc1e3202d5c_zpsjp5u22e1.jpg


  1. Hi Nikhil love all your shots all of them

  2. I love that photo of the palm tree bark, very interesting. Artistic wooden pots in contrasting colours and the wooden cart seems to serve its transport purpose. The two young men are busy organising I think.

  3. Yes they are great takes. I want the mortar and pestle. That looks great.

  4. Hi Nik!! Great takes for this week's theme. I like that first shot, can't decide if it reminds me of a heart or an owl's face. Great craftsmanship in those mortar and pestles in the second shot. Nice wooden transport in the third shot. The guy in the sunglasses looks like he's trying to do an Elvis impression. Uh-huh. That last shot, of the palm, always fascinates me.......the roots look like hundreds of tiny legs, like a centipede. LOL.

  5. Hello Nik, fabulous pictures. The first picture of the tree is fascinating, great formation on the trunk. Beautiful woodwork on the mortars and pestles. The wagon is lovely and colorful and you've done a nice job in capturing it. Love the old wooden cart and the palm tree.

  6. Amazing treetrunk

    Wonderful spicegrinderbowls

    Giddy-up and lay it on the table

    Beautiful root

  7. Hi Nik! Once again, you share on here several aspects of your culture that I really appreciate and admire. Many thanks!