Saturday, 4 July 2015

Picture This #310 ~ Balconies, Doors And Windows

 photo 7f8bd7f5-0740-4549-8352-8442e1d207a3_zpsr1ygkfoh.jpg

 photo c9041f63-c37b-4a4a-b4bc-c9f19b595cf2_zpsi3he6p8s.jpg

 photo e3f8426b-60d2-4aa0-aa90-9cc4ca390257_zps0tv6lzrq.jpg

 photo 2d88ff29-7a68-4ac6-a4d5-e8d85cef81c8_zpsh8gzaqxt.jpg

 photo 492bd8e2-d4ad-4ef7-9d15-ded3ed7a12c4_zps4p6lbri1.jpg


  1. Hi Nik !! Great to see you taking part this week. Great collection of shots for Belita's theme. Wonderful soft glow through the window in the first shot. Looks like a perfect place to relax. Impressive gates and entrance-way in the second shot. That's an odd little structure in the third shot. What is it?? Love the golden glow around the doorway in the fourth shot, looks like a venue for a wedding? The last one also looks like it might be prepared for a wedding.

  2. Hi Nik great to see you participate and your pictures are wonderful

  3. Again lovely pictures with a unique flair. The last too look like something from Bollywoodand I love the little hut in the third photo - perhaps a Tandoor chicken cooking place?

  4. Wonderful pictures, Nik, I love the colors. I especially like the magnificent quality of light you have captured in your first photo. Truly lovely.

  5. Hi Nik! I feel really very pleased to see you on here sharing a beautiful set of photos.They are wonderful each one per se, either for the light and colours.I love the brightness of the colours of the shots you post. If I had to pick up a favourite, it wouldn't be an easy task but I think my choice would fall on the top one... the soft colours, that gossamer allowing to see a bit of a 'patio' (?) give a certain glamour to the shot that is fascinating...