Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Picture This #311 ~ The Sun

With each day we all start with the same friend in our lives.
The Sun. From the moment it breaks above the horizon.


Or as it lifts up above the clouds.

Peeking in between all that stand in its way. The sun shows up to brighten our day.

Starting another cycle in our lives.

Depend on it we do. Sunshine on my shoulders comes to mind here. Love it.


  1. Hi Randall. Your first two pictures are stunners. When I got to the third, I just went "Oh wow". That is an amazing shot. As is the perfect morning glory and the incredible bird on the branch. Magnificent and totally worth the wait.

  2. Thanks Benni. I was thinking of shots all week while working. Then getting off in the morning sitting outside cooling off. THe last is a Humming bird. He was heating up as the sun was coming up.

  3. Hi Randall!! Great to see you taking part this week. Awesome shots for the theme!! Love the warmth of the first two shots (particularly the first one!!). The third shot is the kind of photo I'm usually looking for in woodland in summer. My fave has to be that fabulous glowing Morning Glory!! Just beautiful. Lovely little hummer to finish with.

  4. Thanks Mitch, I will try to get here a little faster this week. Vacation is over and things are caught up around here for now.

  5. Hi Randall! I've been missing your always fantastic shots. Thanks for The Sun that brightens my day...

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  7. Beautiful burning liquid gold horizon and iridesent moltensteel sun

    Beautiul iridescent moltensteel sun on the coboltcloudrim.

    Utterly lovely brilliant sunlight

    Love the flower and the bird in the tree and the

  8. Thank you all. I was trying to get the effect of the light. Just like you see in the forest with the sun breaking through. Nice way to end the day with a fun shot.