Saturday, 18 July 2015

Picture This #312 ~ Your Favourite Recent Photos Of 2015

Many thanks to Debby for hosting this week. A great theme, we should get lots of different subjects!! Unfortunately, due to a poor summer so far (sun during the week, then rain at the weekends), plus a couple of illnesses, I've not done any photography since April. So my entries, although taken in 2015, aren't exactly recent!! LOL!! As I've already used some of my favourites for other themes, I've tried to use ones I've not posted here before.

1) Camelia bud opening.
Camelia Opening 2

2) Breaking Point. I took this photo because I was fascinated by the fact the tree had been eaten almost all the way through, but the upper half had not yet collapsed and fallen off. I hadn't realised til I got the photo onto my computer, that I had accidentally aligned the tree behind it, which you can see through the hole, out of focus.
Breaking Point 1

3) Sailing In The Mist. A lone sailing boat seen through the sea-mist off the Dorset coast, with the Needles, Isle Of Wight, in the background.
Sailing In The Mist 1

4) Friendly shield-bug says "hello!!" A difficult shot to get, as he was sitting on my left arm, I had to try to hold the camera and focus it one-handed!!
Quit Bugging Me 2


  1. Stunning shots of the bud and the old gnarly tree.

    Beautiful and magical - looks like a Japanese print.

    Terrific macro,

  2. Good shot of the camelia opening, never seen one like that before. I love photos of decaying plant material (my black side) and the tree is very original. I love those photos from IOW especially with the Needles - memories of many happy childhood holidays with mum and dad. I love the way you refer to those bugs as shield bugs. We call them "Stinkbugs" translated from German and I don't think I would let one crawl on my hand (not that bugs bother me, but their smell).

  3. I don't think I have seen any of these before and they are wonderful. The camelia is so delicate in form and color. The tree shot is really amazing with the tree behind it showing through. My favorite has got to be the misty sailboat picture. And cute little bug; like Pat I call them stinkbugs but we don't have many around here.

  4. Great shots, Mitch! The Camellia is so pretty!

    The shot of the decrepid old tree is very interesting. A lesson in tenacity!

    I love the sailboat shot. Just perfect!

    And the bug! How cute is that? I'll bet it tickled! Cool shot!

  5. Hi Mitch! Awesome shots I see on here. Hope that bud bloomed at the right time.. sometimes camelia buds, don't... Very interesting piece of art made by Mother Nature.... Stunning shot of that boat... as if the boat was floating in the mist .. Very rewarding effect of your effort in the bottom shot...

  6. Great close up of the camelia bud. The tree shot is great. Love the one in the background. The ware on the one in the front really shows the textures well. The shot in the mist awesome. That should be on a 4x6 wall hanging.