Saturday, 11 July 2015

PT CCCXI ~ The Sun

Beautiful banner by Benni and great choice of theme, Mitch

These three shots of the Hittarp main pier was taken at three different times.

 photo Pier_of _solitude_zpscasjuftn.jpg

 photo stormypier001_zpsvcgan6vu.jpg

 photo pieratsunset_zpsm4gtzeni.jpg


  1. Wonderful pictures, Anders, especially the first. The colors and quality of light are sublime.

    How did you get rid of the Flickr frame?

  2. Thanks Benni. I use Photobucket - my flikr act doesnt work anymore due to my Yahoo act being hijacked.

  3. Hi Anders!! Lovely shots for this week's theme. I like the different qualities of light for your shots taken at different times. I like the warmth of the third shot particularly.

  4. Hi Anders! I love your selection of shots for the theme chosen by Mitch...

  5. hi Anders lovely shots for the theme