Saturday, 25 July 2015

Picture This #313 ~ Wood

~~ Wood~~

It is all around us. Funny this theme should come up now. I have been shooting more shots of wood on then last few trips. Walking through 900 year old forest and getting shots of the bark on the trees. Maybe not interesting to many, but was catching my eye at the time.

I will save the shots and figure out how to use them in my living surroundings, Or not. Time will tell.

 Here is one huge root ball of one that had fallen over. 900 plus years old. Guess you could say it had a good life.
Roots copy

Looking a bit closer reveals something special I had not counted on seeing. 
Gnome 2

Gnome homes! Wow who would have thunk?
Gnome home

Lot more to wood than meets the eye. Just think of all the stories wood can tell. 
Wood Spirits


  1. Wonderful colletion of various facets of wood. Love the colours on the various tree trunks. The root is enormous, but it would have to be to accommodate the gnomes and perhaps some hobbits. Interesting sculpture in the last photo.

  2. Hi Randall!! Fabulous shots for Pat's theme. Great study-shots of the bark textures in the first two shots. I hope not too many gnomes were made homeless when the big old tree fell, exposing the roots. Perhaps they moved to a new home, like the ones in your fourth and fifth shots. Beautiful wood-carving in the final shot.

  3. Happy to see someone else is fascinated by trees and bark. Your top two are wonderful, especially the colors in the second and the lichen on the first. Sad to lose such an old tree, what times it has seen. Wonderful how you've presented it, makes it look like a scene from Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings. Mystical. Cute little gnome home. Great sculpture; I can see the texture of the wood and feel the old eyes of the spirit.

  4. wow these are soooo wonderful all of them love them great photography

  5. Amazing textures on the bark

    Alien and mysterious shots of the old forest

    "He lived under Private A..."

    Cogito Ergo Stasis Est.

  6. Hi Randall! Awesome set of shots for Pat's theme. Looking at the top ones, I understand well why those barks caught your attention... they are beautiful! Lovely gnome home... excellent idea....reminds me of tales from the forest of gnomes... Very impressive face in the bottom shot...