Saturday, 4 July 2015

Picture This #310 ~ Balconies, Doors And Windows

Many thanks to Belita for hosting this week at rather short notice!! A great theme, with lots of possibilities!! I have decided to go with just windows.

Here are mine:

1) The letters forming the words on the front of the Wales Millenium Centre, Cardiff, are actually windows!!
Millenium Centre 4

2) Stained-glass window depicting St Samson, Caldy Island, Wales.
Stained Glass St Samson

3) Modern windows, New York.
NY Texture 2

4) Window-art, National Waterfront Museum, Swansea, Wales.
Window Abstract 8


  1. I love the stained glass work. The first photo is unique and the architect must have an imaginative mind. Great photos.

  2. Hi Mitch love your windows wonderful

  3. A very good idea to form words out of the windows, really good capture. Those Welsch saints really have something special, even then names. Good selection of the New York Windows, I bet you can't open them because of the AC. the last photo is a special work of glass.

  4. Mitch, what absolutely fascinating pictures. I like the contrast of the modern up top and the ancient beneath, each with its own charm. The angles and shapes of the NY windows are marvelous. Love the window art from Swansea, makes me want to go there. That third picture is special; I keep on going back to it. There are all those squares, and then that arc of the streetlamp. Marvelous!

  5. Hi Mitch! Very unique windows in the first shot...a very uncommon and very creative façade... love it!
    Stained glass windows on sunny days always remind me of rainbows...many different colours, yet in complete harmony... Geometric design in the third shot that for its simplicity makes the shot a nice one... good play with light in the bottom would be good design if adapted to a jigsaw puzzle....