Tuesday, 21 July 2015


Well seeing how I seemed to miss more than I made it in time for this year. I think most of these shots will be new here. But all are from my takes in 2015.
Again thank you for the shot of sun being added to the banner this week.  That shot is proof that we need to think outside the box now and then to bring forth a new angle. At least for me.

 This first shot is of a Monarch butterfly. Loved the colors of the lavender and the blue in the wings.

This second one is of a fence that just struck me as an interesting shot. Not sure why. But this was off the coast when we were on one of our last trips.

With the hot weather that the west coast has been seeing this year. The fire season got off to a really fast start this year. This was in Richmond Ca in early July. The fires had started on Vancouver Island while we were there, and this is the smoke that was starting to show on the mainland as we were working our way back from the trip.
vancouver island smoke

Then ending with a bloom


  1. Hi Randall!! Fantastic shots for this week's theme!! Beautiful butterfly in the first shot, love those little patches of blue on it's wings. I can see why you found the scene in the second shot so interesting, I've taken a similar shot myself. My fave is the third shot. I guess it's partly to do with how such beauty is created from destruction (due to the fires). Wonderful bloom to finish with.

  2. Exceptional shot of the butterfly on the flowers

    Beautiful intricate wines intertwining through the gridwork

    Beautiful and serene

    Exquisite capture.

  3. Hi Randall. Magnificent banner shot. The blues in the butterfly's wings seem to exactly match the blues of the flowers. The fence, I agree, is very interesting. It seems old and weatherworn. The sun and tree is a very evocative sight; I am sad to hear of fire on Vancouver Island though. But what a great shot. And a lovely little spiderwort (I think).

  4. Beautiful monarch butterfly - is that the same that we call swallow tail butterflies here? I would say a fence with character, I love shots like that. great tree standing alone and tall and wonderful flower. A great collection of recent shots.

  5. Congratulations again, on this week's banner, Randall! A really cool shot! Beautiful shot of the butterfly and the lavender!

    Looks like an old wisteria vine in the second. I'm sure when it's well into it's growing season it looks gorgeous against the dark wood and the lattice makes an interesting diversion from the plain straight boards.

    The smoky shot is very dramatic! It looks like a very foggy morning. The wildfires out on the west coast are scary! But you make that look so beautiful!

    That last shot is my favorite! Absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Hi Randall love your shots--the butterfly is wonderful and
    I especially love the tree fog sun wow