Saturday, 4 July 2015

Picture This #310 ~ Balconies, Doors And Windows

Congratulations Heidi on the Banner photo and thanks for hosting Belita

The curiosity of 3 felines at the window waiting for something completely different.

3 Cats waiting to go out

The things you find in your photo archive. The windows of the entrance to West Ham United Football Club in London - took it on a visit, my team.
West Ham United Stadium, Upton Park

The Franhziskanertor (gate) in Solothurn
Franziskaner Tor, Solothurn

The gates of Castle Waldegg, Feldbrunnen (my village)  by Solothurn
The Gates of Castle Waldegg, Feldbrunnen, Switzerland


  1. Love the buildings and the unique architecture. Love all the pics and can't decide which one I like better.

  2. Hi Pat!! Great shots for Belita's theme!! Good shot of the felines waiting. Did they see something interesting eventually? Great shot of the main entrance to Upton Park. They won't be there much longer, as they are eventually moving to the Olympic Stadium. Beautiful building in the third shot, I love to see old building covered in climbing ivy like this. Very imposing gates of the castle in the last shot!!

  3. Hi Pat love all your shots
    your three friends are so wonderful

  4. Hi Pat, lovely pictures. Cats are so cute looking outdoors. Nice shot of the West Ham stadium. The Franhziskanerter Gate is lovely with all the ivy growing on it. And I love the shot of the Waldegg gate, very ornate metalwork and the mossy or grassy stones in the foreground are a great touch.

  5. Hi Pat! Love the selection of your photos for this week's theme. I think you won't be surprised if I say that the first photo is my favourite. They seem they have been placed there for a special shot and actually the shot is special...