Friday, 24 July 2015

Picture This #313 ~ Wood

Mitch asked if I would, and I said yes, so here I am. Sorry to be early, but I never know when I wake up on Saturday mornings, fit in my daily cleaning and cooking, so Friday evening is a better bet that I can do it.
No more weddings to attend now, just trying to cope with no rain and temperatures of around 34°C.

The theme this week is wood, in any shape or size you want. We have probably had it before, but being a golden oldie my memory is not longer what it used to be.

I thought I would begin with this one, and I really do not know if I have brought it before. It is part of a wooden fence in the local hermitage with the sign of the year 1908, but I do not know why.

A Sunday afternoon walk through the Einsiedelei, Rüttenen

We re-organised our patio furniture this year and did away with the plastic table to replace it with a wooden table and chairs. Guess who decided it was much more comfortable than the old table.
Tabby relaxing on the table on the porch 3

And I took this photo looking up into a tree as the formation of the branches was interesting.
Close up of tree in Feldbrunnen

And the collection would not be complete without a tree I photographed at the local cemetery
Tree, Feldbrunnen


  1. Thanks, Pat, for posting earlier than the usual. I like the theme of your choice. It doesn't matter we did it or not before. Awesome shots, from the top one that makes me curious about the meaning of that date to the naked branches of the tree.... very inviting patio and the cat having a nap on the table makes the shot be my favourite.

  2. Hi Pat same here it is hot and sultry and it rained 3 drops here last night grrrr love your theme
    and all the wonderful wood

  3. Delightful designn of the year inthe fence


    Beautiful old gnarly trees.

  4. Hi Pat, thanks for the theme. Love the 1908 bridge, shows the flexibility of wood. Table with cat is adorable; I guess she decided it was the best place to catch the sun. Beautiful shot of the brown branches with green leaves, quite a contrast. And I love to look up to the maze of branches in trees without leaves.

  5. Hi Pat!! Many thanks for hosting this week. A great theme, there should be lots of interesting variety!! fascinating fence with the date in it. I wonder how they made that? It looks like it grew in that shape. The patio table appears to meet Tabby's approval. The branches in the third shot are certainly an interesting tangle. Good perspective of the tree in the final shot.