Saturday, 11 July 2015

Picture This #311 ~ The Sun

Hi everyone, this is Mitch. I'll be your host for this week. As summer is in full swing for most of us, and we're seeing a lot of the sun, I thought an appropriate theme would be.........The Sun!! Your photos can be anything sun-related...........sunrises, sunsets, sunlight reflected in windows, sparkling off water, sun-rays cutting through clouds, even representations of the's all up to you!!!

I see Flickr have been messing around with the HTML codes again, and now include an unwanted frame with your Flickr avatar, the word Flickr, and the title of the photo included. Anyone knows how to edit these out of the HTML code, please let me know!!!

Here are mine:

1) Sunset over Freshwater West, Wales.
Sunset Seas 3

2) Golden path across the sea.
Golden Path 2

3) Sunlit waterfall, Zion National Park, Utah.
Sunlit Waterfall 1

4) Sunburst at Carew Millpond, Wales.
Carew Sunset 3


  1. lovely theme Mitch and the banner is great
    love all your shots

  2. Beautiful blazing sun in the greyclouded sky and shimmering palegrey surf caressing the rocky beach.

    Beautiful glittering silver in the gilded sea

    Beautiful gossamer lacecurtain of the fall against the azureblue sky

    Stunning shot.

  3. Great pix, especially the incredible waterfall. I think I have figured out how to do away with the frame; Anders has apparently as well. I put how I did it in the comment on my entry.

    1. Thanks Benni !! I followed your instruction, it worked perfectly!!

  4. Hi Mitch! As a principle, before posting my shots I never see others'. I don't want to be influenced and I'm afraid if I do it, I will lose my spontaneity. There is only one exception.... I always visit the page of the announcement of the theme and so I read your appeal regarding Flickr,... Silly me! I should have visited Benni's page and then I would haven't wasted time...
    Four Sun shots, all gorgeous but the top one is my favourite perhaps because of the composition...

  5. thanks for getting rid of those crazy borders