Monday, 3 August 2015

Picture This #314 ~ Rock

Rocks. From small to large.

Or in this case large to small. Even offers a little camouflage too.



  1. Fantastic shots. I love them all. Really drawn to the tiny little red crab!

    The birds are precious! That doesn't look like much of a nest, though. Are /were they safe?

  2. Hi Randall. I love the big ol' rock on the shore and the moss and grasses. The crab is adorable and I probably would have picked up the stone with the barnacles attached. And aren't those just the cutest little birds?? I hope that 4th egg hatched and that they were all safe.

  3. Hi Randall!! Cool shots for Benni's theme. That rock is ready to roll, in the first shot. Love the colour of that lil crab in shot number two. Those little fluffy chicks are just too cute, Any idea what breed of bird they are?

  4. Well the 4th egg didn't make it. The chicks are Killdeers. They like finding areas in the rocks to lay their eggs. Even though they are out in the open, they are camouflaged really well. But if something shows up that is threatening, Mom and Dad start the hurt bird dance to draw them away.

  5. Hi Randall love all your shots cool rocks

  6. Hi Randall! Awesome set of shots, as always... The top one is my favourite...