Saturday, 22 August 2015

Picture This #317 ~ FACES

Thanks Mitch for the theme. Wonderful choice for the banner picture, well done to Heidi. I am also grateful for the warning on Flickr's (yet again) changing their format. Here are my faces:

Young man named Sixer.

An old friend of mine.

Tom sketch
A sketch I did of my husband many year ago.

My mother. I am almost certain I took this picture, but it is years old and there is a chance my father took it.


  1. oh benni how wonderful are these
    I love the portrait of your hubby superb
    the old friend well wow
    your mon super

  2. Hi Benni! Excellent set of photos, from the young man to the older one, not to mention the sketch - I love this - and the photo of your late mother...what a beautiful and serene lady she was!

  3. "Im looking up to you."

    "Sometimes I sits and thinks..."

    Great drawing

    Beautiful shot of your mother.

  4. Hi Benni !! Great shots for this week's theme. I may be doing 'Sixer' a disservice, but he looks like what we call over here a 'beach-beggar'. Which isn't to say necessarily that he was begging, the term can also apply to a 'beach-seller'. Your old friend reminds me of a British jazz-musician from years gone by, whose name eludes me at the moment. Great drawing you did of Tom. One thing I always wished I had was the ability to draw. Lovely shot of your mom,

  5. hi bennie the man with the panama resembles the one I posted , very strange lol

  6. Your faces are very expressive and really a bit of everything. A walk through life