Friday, 7 August 2015

Picture This #315 ~ Trains Or Train-Related

Thanks for a great theme, Anders. Trains are not common here in the rural midwest, but that makes them all the more fascinating. I used to take the train south to visit family.

Port Huron bound

Watching the world go by.

Amtrak, Niles

Train station in Niles, Michigan

As a final note, Mitch, what a glorious banner shot, I am so glad you are using some of your own shots as banner shots. This one, of rocks by the sea, is majestic.


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  2. Hi Benni !! Two great entries for this week's theme. The first shot reminds me so much of myself. Whenever I take a train journey, I am always glued to the window, watching the world go by. The second shot I did a double-take when I saw it, because it looks so much like a local train station near where I live!!!

  3. I love seeing trains from other countries. Even the first photo has a sort of Amtrak flair and looks more like a seat in a plane. The station in Niles is very nice, love the architecture.

  4. Wonderful shot of the view rushing past and the quaint station.

  5. Hi Benni! I really love these two shots....hope the rhythm of the world is not unpleasant at that passenger how we get the image of movement... very nice architecture of that train station... very different from ours...