Saturday, 8 August 2015

Picture This #315 ~ Trains Or Train-Related

Wonderful banner picture by Mitch - I can almost hear the waves splashing against the rocks.

Thanks for hosting Anders, an interesting theme especially as I was on a 2x 6 hour journey on the German railways last month.

This is the main station in Bern, Switzerland. It was newly built a few years ago
Main Station, Bern

On a holiday in Paris many years ago with Mr. Swiss and the boys, I took a photo of the metro train in the station at Bir Hakim - not a digital as it was still the days of the instamatic camera
Metro train

On a trip to see my dad in London travelled on the underground in the evening. I had to change trains at East Ham station on the district line and whilst waiting for the next connection took a photo. Not all the stations are underground and as the train approaches the suburbs of London the rails are in the open.
London Underground

And for the last photo, the inside of our local train as I was on my way to the next town of Solothurn. the train is affectionately known as Bipperlisi to the locals.
Inside Bipperlisi train


  1. Impressive building. Wonderful shots of the trains from within and without

  2. Hi Pat !!! Great shots for this week's theme. The station at Bern is an impressive building, but it looks more like a department store!! LOL. Nice shot of the Paris metro, but the third shot of the London Underground is even better. It's a great juxtaposition....the modern tube-train against the old ironwork of the station pillars. Love that last shot....almost looks like a futuristic form of transport from a sci-fi movie.

  3. Hi Pat! Wonderful modern station in Bern. I love the almost spooky effect of the colors in the metro in Paris. Nice pic of the London train and cool effect in the Bipplisi.

  4. Very good set of photos for the theme chosen by Anders. Very beautiful that underground station in London, with all those ironwork embellishments. Excellent perspective of your local train... the shoe of one of the passengers and the sports shoes of another one make the photo be my favourite... I have to add... love the pattern and colours of the upholstery fabric...

  5. Hi Pat love all your shots--I liked the old Berner train station better I don't like modern oh well
    Paris underground know it well love your shot
    love Londen too