Saturday, 22 August 2015


Congratulations Heidi for the very nice banner image... I can listen to the sound of the violin playing...

Excellent choice of theme, Mitch! 
Let's start with a woman's face that looks not very happy. I would say, either suspicious or in bad mood... What do you think? I saw her at a Lisbon district that is inhabited by African immigrants, mainly.

Dogs being said to be man's best friends, shouldn't be missed, though cats are my favourite pets. Last week, I found this dog during my long walking through the central region of Portugal

Some façades, for their originality or creativity, always draw my attention. It was the case with this one in between the railway station and the cruise ship port (Lisbon)

Could you imagine the world without flowers? I couldn't. Whenever I see a passion flower, it looks, at my eyes, like the face of a clock.


  1. Hi Belita!! Wonderful photos for this week's theme. I think the woman in the first photo looks more surprised than unhappy.Probably wondering why you would want to photograph her. Her neck muscles must be strong to carry all those bottles. Lovely shot of the dog, who seems to be saying something to you. Love that wall-art in the third photo!! Yes, I agree with you about passion-flowers, they do look a little like a clock-face.

  2. hi belita wonderful shots love the facade but all are wonderful

  3. Good catch of the expression on the lady's face on the first photo. That seems to be a curuous dog judging by the expression on his face. Good painting on the wall, very impressive. Yes, indeed passion flowers are very intersting.

  4. A wonderful shot of the woman, you are right she looks unhappy. It is one of those photographs that seems to tell a story. Great little dog, the fur on him is nice against the stone. Marvelous façade, quite creative and beautifully captured by you. I don't either, know what we would do in a world without flowers. Yours is quite lovely.