Saturday, 29 August 2015

Picture This #318 ~ Contrast/Difference

Thanks for hosting Belita. A really interesting theme and gives plenty food for thought. Also congratulations on the banner photo.

Here you have the contrast of the green stalks with the red peppers


I found quite a few contrasts in this photo of the sunset above where I live.
Sunset over Feldbrunnen

I found the berries of the Rowan tree contrast well with the leaves.
.Rowan Tree

And I found this photo interesting, where the growing crops on the field contrast to the surrounding grass.
Crop  field by castle Waldegg in Feldbrunnen


  1. Hi Pat!! Great shots for Belita's theme!! Really colourful first shot, very good contrast. I love the beautiful sunset in the second shot, lots of different contrasts there. Lovely shot of the Rowan bush. The dark crop stands out nicely from the paler green of the grass surrounding it in your final shot.

  2. Hi Pat, great shots. I love those peppers and the shiny red and green. The clouds are magnificent with the darker trees and buildings. Pretty fall berries and a lovely field.

  3. Hi Pat! The set of your shots for the theme makes me looking and looking at them, particularly the sunset and the bottom photo... it seems that the farmer has used a ruler...

  4. hi Pat these are all stupendus love them all the peppers then the red clouds all of them