Saturday, 1 October 2016

Picture This #371 ~ Stones Or Rocks

First of all thanks for featuring my gourds as the banner photo and thanks to Anders for hosting.

Here is a view from our village to the heights of the Jura Mountains. Since having a longer lens, I can now take some photos of the details. The basis of the Jura is white stone, not chalk, but do not ask me what - I am no expert. Now and again it pokes through the grass and trees.

Feldbrunnen 23.o9 (7)

Some time ago we had our front garden refurbished with stones. No more lawn and it remains tidy.
M - Front Garden

These two geese and the duck seem to be quite happy with their stones.
Ducks Geese 23.09 (12)

And there are always plenty of stones along the railway lines. Some even like to paint the stone walls - a photo taken on the line from Basel to Olten.
Basel to Solothurn 05.09 (6)


  1. hi Pat love all your shots ---the Jura is one big rock lol
    the cute ducks on the gravel lovely and mural cool

  2. Hi Pat !!! Wonderful shots for the theme. Fantastic shot of the Jura mountains.....very impressive they are!! Lovely front garden, looks so neat and tidy. I love the poses of the duck and geese in the third shot. I don't think they were impressed by your presence. Cool graffiti art in your final photo. A very good artist.

  3. Beautiful majestic ashgrey prussianbluefirtreed mountains neath paleblue sky.

    Wonderful new look to this place of rest and relaxation.

    Indeed they do!

    Very cool wallpaintings.

  4. Hi Pat! I am loving your pictures with the longer lens! The Jura are just magnificent. I love your tidy and sweet-looking front garden and very much the geese in the stones. Congrats on banner pic!