Saturday, 22 October 2016

Picture Ths #374 ~ Look Around!!

Many thanks to Benni for hosting this week, and for adding another theme to the 'linked' series. This one has lots of possibilities. 

For me, a visit to Stackpole Mencap Gardens is all about photographing the flowers, but if you look around there are many other interesting things to be seen!!

1) A funny face.
Funny Face 1

2) A proverb inscribed on slate.
Proverb 1

3) A gator made out of mosaic.
Mosaic Gator

4) A memorial bench.
Loving Memory 2


  1. Hi Mitch, four really great and novel shots, each full of interest, I really like them all nice work ;)

  2. Hi Mitch love your pics love the funny face and wow crocodile wonderful
    the memory bench is both sad and heart felt

  3. Hi Mitch, great pictures for the theme. Stackpole Mencap gardens certainly does have some interesting things. Love the funny face and the blue post it's on. That proverb is one of my favorites, and I love the alligator. Nice angle on the mosaic beast. And how wonderful of Shirley's friends/family to donate a bench to her. I like the way the greenery surrounds it and peeks out from the bottom.

  4. Really intersting individual photos. Love the guy on the first one and the obit to the rosebuds. The crocodile fits into the scenery and the bench leaves a question mark to ponder.

  5. Hi Mitch! I smile at the face, I read the proverb and it rings true, I look at the gator and I don't fear his open mouth and, the bench and its carved words make me respect the memory of that lady... Being all written, the photo of the bench is my favourite....

  6. Indeed it is!

    Beautiful and melancholy.

    Cool art!

    Wonderful dedication.