Saturday, 22 October 2016

Picture This #374 ~ Look Around!!

Hi, here I am again, hosting this week's Picture This. A beautiful banner shot by Baz graces our page.

A couple of weeks ago we had "Look Up!!", then last week we had "Look Down!!". So this week I'm going to challenge us to "Look Around".  It could be look around your house, or your neighborhood, or your city. Photography is a great gift to us in that when we are taking pictures, we tend to look at things that we might not have noticed before. Or we see things in a new light.  This is what I saw looking around today.

Glass in my window.

Freshly planted mums.

A little cottage down the road.


  1. Hi Benni!! Many thanks for hosting this week, and continuing the series of linked themes!! I really like the little blue-glass bottles in your window. Nice mellow colour of the flowers. Wow, that little cottage looks dwarfed by those huge trees!! I like the Fall colours starting to appear, too.

  2. Hi Benni thanks for selecting my image for the header its much appreciated ;) Three lovely shots to start us off. I like the soft focus background in the first shot, is tantalising and spikes my interest. Simply beautiful flowers. The last shot again draws the eye and spikes my curiosity. Nice work.

    1. Thank you so much, Baz, but it was Mitch's decision to select the bench scene. Not that I would have argued with him; it's a magnificent shot.

  3. A work of art for the first shot of the flower in the window. Mums seem to be everywhere at the moment - a great capture. Love the little cottage with the Autumn framework.

  4. Hi Benni! Beautiful three shots that make it difficult to select a favourite. Love the composition in the top photo. Simple, yet very elegant... Yellow is, next to red, my favourite colour. Great shot of the flowers... The photo of the cottage would be very appropriate for a front cover of a novel book...

  5. Beautiful composition of the blue bottles and the twig in the vase

    Exquisite flowers

    Serene vision.