Saturday, 22 October 2016

Picture This #374 ~ Look Around!!

Hi all another great theme from Benni and some fantastic images already!!


All my shots for the theme taken in the last 10 days. I hope you enjoy them.

Its been unseasonably warm here in Dorset during the day, so I have taken the chance to get out and enjoy the sunshine and look around before Autumn really sets in. 

Have a great weekend.

1: Fungi



2: The Seashore in the last rays of the sun just before a storm..


3: Fields after the harvest under an Autumn sky.


4: The  Reflecting pool. 



  1. Hi baz very nice selection of shots

  2. Hi Baz !! Great shots for this week's theme!! That fungus looks happy in it's damp patch of ground, probably hping the sun doesn't shine on it too much!! LOL. Fantastic sky-drama in the second shot. The third shot is so typically English countryside, beautiful. And of course, my favourite pool and tree in the last shot.

  3. Hi Baz. Very happy you are having some nice weather. Your little mushroom is delightful, coming up out of the dried ferns and forest floor. Wonderful patch of sun on the seaside buildings; that's a very dramatic shot. The blue sky and clouds make for a wonderful contrast over the yellow field. And that is such a beautiful pool with the tree reflected in it.

  4. Lovely profi shots. Lovely natural look on the mushroom, really well captured. The story atmosphere is a perfect capture on the sea and sky and the Autumn landscape photos have really caught the season.

  5. If I write that I like each and every photo, I would not be writing the truth that is I love them all...

  6. Must have been a fun guy how made this piece of art ;)

    Great shot of silvery glitter on the surf

    A bit Americana

    Beautiful and serene.