Friday, 7 October 2016

Picture This #372 ~ Look Up!!

Pat hosting this week from the Swiss Outpost - I leave it up to you how you interpret this one.

Actually I looked up to take the photo of a bird in flight, but I found this one more interesting.
Plane 06.10 (2)

We happen to have a local train which runs by electricity.
Feldbrunnen-Solothurn 06.10 (18)

I shoot quite a bit from the car, and happened to look up when we were passing our Swiss reform church.
Road Feldbrunnen Solothurn 22.09 (15)

It is one of our magpies sitting on the opposite roof.


  1. Hi Pat. Great theme, thanks for hosting. I love the deep blue of the sky in your first shot. Wonderful lines in your second, along with the tree for contrast. The angle of your church shot makes it very dramatic. And I love the magpie. I haven't seen one in some time; they are great black and white birds. Also quite intelligent I hear.

  2. Hi Pat !!! Many thanks for hosting this week. A great theme, lots of possibilities!! Blue skies certainly are a dominant feature in most of your shots. Great action-stop of the plane. Interesting patterns formed by the electrical wires for the trains. Lovely shot of the church, I like the different angle you captured. That Magpie is looking a bit wind-swept!!

  3. Hi Pat thanks for hosting love your theme
    the plane and your electric wonderful your church cool and the little bird cool

  4. It's not a bird... its definitely not superman...its a plane.

    Cool and environmentally friendly

    Beautifull spire

    "Im a Magpie and Im ok - I perch on the roof-rim every day."

  5. Oh, the magpie is so pretty! Nice capture. I love the architecture of the church! Nice shot of the train lines/wires and the shot of the plane is so cool!