Saturday, 15 October 2016

Picture This #373 ~ Look Down!!

Hi everyone, this is Mitch. I'll be hosting this week. I thought it would be fun to do a theme that's the opposite of last week's theme of 'Look Up'. So this week's theme will be 'Look Down' !!! You can interpret it any way you like. Perhaps you looked down and saw an interesting flower or insect? Maybe you were on a tall building looking down, or on a mountain or hill looking down on the surrounding countryside? The choice is yours!!  Can I remind you all that as this is a very small group, with only about 6 or 7 regular posters, it would be good if everyone can comment on everyone else's posts!!  Thank you. 

1) I felt a touch of vertigo looking down the almost sheer wall of the Hoover Dam.
Looking Down

2) The riders on this insane ride at the top of the Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas would be wise to NOT look down. The ground is almost a thousand feet below them!!!
Insane Ride 1

3) Walking in the Valley Of Fire, Nevada....I looked down and spotted this handsome fellow!!
Horned Lizard 3

4)  Looking down into Bryce Canyon from one of the many high points in the park. Beautiful views are everywhere!!
Bryce - Bryce Point 5


  1. A cool theme and great shots to get us started Mitch. Love the perspective in 1, you would not get me on 2 LOL, Fantastic macro from you as usual on 3 and a wonderful outlook in 4. All fantastic captures ;)

  2. Hi thanks for my banner
    love the theme and your shots are all cool
    love Las Vegas shot so high up and looking down the first one would give me vertigo to lol

  3. Hi Mitch! Wow, what a sight looking down from atop the Hoover Dam. Great lines and shadows, too. That ride is something I can appreciate looking at your picture because there is no way you could get me on that. I love your horned lizards; the blend in so well. You have to be carefully looking down to see them! Bryce canyon is magnificent. Look down, indeed. Great shot.

  4. Great angle from the Hoover Dam. The ride at the top of the tower is very impressive, so where were you when you took the photo. Wonderful little lizard and Bryce Canyon is really wonderful.

  5. Wow - that is some view of the dam

    Wouldnt wanna do that!!

    Beautiful in its jagged hide

    Magnificent mountain vista