Saturday, 22 October 2016

Picture This #374 ~ Look Around!!

Good idea with the theme name this week and thanks for hosting Benni. Also great header photo Baz capturing the romance of the setting sun.

These days I seem to be looking around everywhere armed with my camera, and am even going for walks again on my own. I just hang the cane on a bush or a fence and it works.

This week I took a walk along the local river and have never seen so many swans. It must have been the AGM

Swans 20.10 (14)

On way home I had to pass the sheep pen. They saw me and there was no stopping their curiosity. So what do you do. You take a few photos of course and this one insisted on a portrait.
Sheep 20.10 (8)

They are still digging up our village road and now we cannot get to the other side, even the chicken would find it easier. Anyhow they are constructing a new railway crossing with lights and everything as it is against the law in Switzerland to have railway crossings without signals. We had about four of them in our village and now they have either been eliminated or replaced with lights.
Roadwork Feldbrunnen 21.10 (2)

And to show that Switzerland is not only mountains and cows, we also work. Here is the view of our local waste disposal plant on the opposite bank of the River Aar. The chimneys are also a local sight, but somehow have their photographic attraction.
Walk along River Aar 20.10 (1)


  1. Love your shots, Pat! I'm glad you are getting around all right. Your pictures are wonderful. I'm struck by the serenity of the swans in your first shot. Really beautiful. What a great portrait of the sheep. She's definitely ready for her close-up. The detail is great, especially the grass on her face. Good picture of the chaos caused by road and railway improvements. And I like the smoke stacks; the colors of the smoke and the clouds go together in a pleasing composition.

  2. Love all the photos... the sheep is my favourite...I can almost hear the bell ringing...

  3. Hi Pat love the swans those sheep are cool the road work just like on our side of the border lol
    you sewage lovely lol
    glad your walking is getting better

  4. Beautiful and serene

    "Here's lookin' at you."

    The lights willn show the way ;)


  5. Hi Pat !! Wonderful shots for this week's theme. Yes, indeed...those swans do appear to be holding their town meeting!! It seems that sheep didn't have time to finish lunch before posing for your photo!! Looking at all those barriers, I don't think even a chicken would risk the crossing!! Sometimes industry can provide interesting photographic scenes, and those chimneys are certainly interesting.