Saturday, 29 October 2016

Picture This #375 ~ Broken/Damaged

Congratulations on the very original banner photo - I wonder if the lady knows how famous she has become. And thank you Belita for hosting this week with an interesting theme. Immediately began to have a smashing time at home :-)

Our cat Nera, may she rest in peace in the eternal corn chambers chasing mice, once broke her leg. She had a few mad moments with her play center which fell onto her paw. It knitted together again, but she lost two claws and had to wear a plaster for a few weeks. However, that was nothing for a cat, she still managed to jump and escape now and again, although she was not supposed to go out - that was Nera.

Nera with her splint - two toes broken

Since not being as active with the camera as I would like to be, I compensate by taking photos from the car, although now and again I do take a walk with the camera. Anyhow, on the way to the supermarket last week we passed an accident. Two cars were involved in a frontal crash because the driver of this car had lost the control over her car. Everyone survived, although this lady was seriously injured, the other not so bad. I felt like a newspaper reporter and this car was definitely broken.
Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 24.10 (16)

This sweet pea pod had broken open to release the seeds. They grow everywhere in my garden in summer.
Sweet Pea Seeds 2010 (5)

The ground had been broken on the local parking at the supermarket, so I had plenty of opportunities to take a few photos.
Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 17.10 (14)


  1. Hi Pat! Poor kitty with a broken leg. Glad she was able to bear on through it. Interesting street shots showing what can go wrong and also what can be fixed. My favorite is your gorgeous macro of the sweet pea seed pod. The color and composition are perfect.

  2. Hi Pat! Thanks for your kind words! Poor Nera with her broken leg...she must have had heavy pain... Volvo is not free from accidents, though it's known for safety.... Love the macro of the sweet pea; it was really hard to draw them at school... I never forget how much I suffered whenever the teacher compelled me to do it... You must have a perfumed garden when they are in Portuguese we call them 'perfumed peas'.... The parking scene unfortunately can be seen here, too, either at parking or on roads/streets..

  3. Hi Pat love your shots the kitty awe and the broken car and the peas in a pod

  4. Poor little thing

    To drive no more, perchance to be scrapped

    Beautiful shot

    Terrific capture.

  5. Four great takes on the theme Pat, nice work ;)#

  6. Hi Pat !!! Great shots for this week's theme. I am sure that Nera had plenty to say on the indignities of having a leg in a cast. I'm sure she relayed it all to you in the form of a 'Cat Chronicle'. Looking at the state of that car, I would say that lady was very lucky to still be alive!! Excellent shot of the seeds in the pod. Those workers appear to have a very big pipe.....I wonder what it is for? Pouring new concrete, perhaps?

    1. I think the pipe was something to do with water removal.