Saturday, 15 October 2016

Picture This #373 ~ Look Down!!

Thanks for hosting Mitch, and congratulations to Heidi for the banner photo. I don't do too much looking down these days as I get giddy, but have a few photos in my collection.

Last week a bloke came to repair our wooden floor. It was making crunchy noises as we walked across, although they stopped when the weather got colder. Anyhow he had to give the floor an injection of glue with a special syringe and of course I took a few photos. The next day everything had dried and he took the weights and the paper away.

Floor repair

I don't know what this was, but he was creeping on our table on the porch last week, so Mr. Swiss found it would be a good subject for a macro. The problem with those insects is they keep moving. I took a few shots and this is one of them. I think it will probably transform into some sort of moth next year.
caterpillar 08.10 (8)

I found myself looking down on this bird on my garden last week, but am not sure what it is. It might be a thrush. Any advice welcome.
Thrush 05.10 (5)

And now a bonus photo. Mr. Swiss was busy looking down at me as I was looking down at something to photograph in my garden this morning, and this is the result.


  1. Hi Pat! Some great photos for our theme. Your first shot is interesting; I didn't see the workman at first. The caterpillar is fabulous!! Details and color are wonderful. Do you just hate it when your photographic subjects move? LOL!! Lovely blackish bird. I don't know what it is except lovely. And your last shot is very nice showing the photographer absorbed in the moment.

  2. Hi Pat your photos are wonderful the bug should be a caterpillar they make you itch

  3. Hi Pat !! Great shots for this week's theme. It was really interesting to see how the repair-man used old-fashioned iron weights to keep the flooring in place while the glue did it's job. A wonderful macro of the colourful caterpillar. Quite a hairy fellow, too!! Lovely capture of the bird. I don't think it's a Thrush, it's colour is too dark, although the markings are similar. Nice 'double-take' in the last shot. Reminds me of the old saying 'who watches the watchers?'

  4. Good thing they weren't glued to the floor

    "Im jes' crawlin'."

    Beautiful capture

    Greaty capture of the capturer.