Saturday, 8 October 2016

Picture This #372 ~ Look Up!!

Good Morning all, here is my take on "Looking Up". Congrats to Mitch on the header. Have a great weekend everybody.

Balls and Wings.Baz1

Heavenly Light.

Red White and Blue.

Bird on the Wing.



  1. Hi Baz !! Fabulous shots for this week's theme. Good take of the para-glider and the boy throwing his ball, all in the same shot. Beautiful sun-rays through the forest. Fantastic action-capture of the planes in formation!! Nice capture of the Blue Tit landing.

  2. Hi Baz glad to see you
    all your shots especially the air plane one wow just wow

  3. Balls and wings and clouds and blue skies... (just a few of my favourite things) ;)

    Beautiful shimmering light through the trees

    "Ok, fellas, on my mark...1, 2, 3...TURN!"

    "Im quite a flapper!"

  4. Some lovely compositions.Para gliding and football, a good combination. Love the shadows through the trees and the colourful combination of the air show. The bird is really a special.

  5. What a wonderful capture the top shot is. The majesty of the scenery and the people having fun. Love the forest and the jets, and great shot of the little blue tit coming in for a landing.