Saturday, 29 October 2016


Hello from Lisbon, a very warm city for the season. Oh Mitch, I really feel honoured to see a photo by me as the banner image. Once again, I am pleased to host this week's Challenge that is under the theme of Broken/Damaged. We all have seen broken/damaged things, so I don't think it will be a difficult theme. Anyway, if you don't have shots that fit the theme, please don't break or damage something, intentionally, OK? 
Many thanks,

Poor doll with a broken nose and cracked face...

Pity, it's broken...

Though it's broken, I like it...

A damaged car, not mine, fortunately...


  1. Hi Belita!! Many thanks for hosting this week. A very interesting theme, I don't think we've done this one before. The doll still seems to look happy, despite the missing nose!! I hope the broken pottery in the second shot is in a museum, not for sale in a shop!! LOL. I really like the patterns on the broken sea-shell. Looks like an expensive repair job for that glad it wasn't yours!!!

  2. Hi Belita
    your banner is just 'it' it is so stupendous
    the theme is a great one
    the doll the china the shell and the car wonderful wonderful

  3. Hi, Belita, what interesting pictures. The poor doll looks like she was was dropped on her face, yet still has a lively expression. I wonder about the broken vase. Maybe it was so valuable that it was on display even in its state. Your shell is beautiful; I particularly like the blue in it. And I am sure you are glad that car is not yours.

  4. I love that doll, so unusual and great capture. The pot is a real broken puzzle, but an interesting study. Good shot of the shell and the car, well, let us all be glad that it is not ours.

  5. Pretty doll

    Indeed so

    Beautiful natural workmanship

    Poor owner